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The idea

The idea to create these bracelets was born from the childhood memories. At that time many of us wore friendship bracelets, am I right? Honestly, they meant such much even though they were made just from the simple thread. In order to return pure feeling of young love we created Jacob Colinn bracelet, which connects friends, family and lovers. We would like to share with our creation result. - this love symbol.

Love for the animals

As you have heard, Jacob Colinn bracelet is personalised, it means that everyone can create it personally. Its creation begins from the choosing the colour of straps. Also, keep in mind that the leather, which we use is ECO-friendly. Let me explain what it means. By it’s looks and durability it is very similar to the real leather, but unlike it during it’s production no animals are harmed. When you choose the leather colour you should start thinking about the bracelet’s design: crossed or parallel straps – this is the question. We will let you to decide.

Exceptional details

We have came to one very important aspect – token and buckle colour. All tokens and buckles are casted from stainless steel and later processed by hand by professionals. Many people have a question – how come the bracelets do not unbuckle accidentally? Do not be mistaken, with our kind of buckles it is not the case! The hook is bended specially in order to hold tightly. This type of bracelet is quite hard to put on and take off – to do so, you might need couple more hands… By the way, you can also choose the colour of the token – everything depends how you like it.

Fabulous present

If you prefer to have your personal accessory even more fabulous, we can offer you token and buckle set made of the 925 silver. Silver is casted carefully and polished until shiny. One set of buckle is produce from 19 grams of highest grade silver. Also, if you order silver bracelet we would pack it into the special Jacob Colinn box: blueish, shiny, looking really fabulous. By giving this present you will be able to warm even the coldest heart.

Love message

 When you choose everything, the most important part remains – to engrave your love message on the token. It can be some special word, maybe a secret code, which will be known only for two of you, or maybe just simple ‘love you’… Engrave what you want to say from your heart. Improve your message with the font that you like and do not forget that we are able to engrave symbols as well. If you do not want to show your message to anyone else – it’s your choice – we can hide it on the inside of the token. Also, if you prefer, we can engrave your love message on the both sides.

Special packaging

Now it is everything. When the bracelet is made, we have to ensure it’s travel to your hands. Jacob Colinn bracelet always comes in specially created box, which prevents the content from scratches and damages and while it travels the accessory inside is looking for its purpose – to connect two loving hearts.

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