We, not only craft bracelets,
we tell the bonding stories


Answer. That’s what the majority of listeners think about. But the true friend tries to hear. To understand while listening, to sense while understanding.

And senses sparkle love, love matures true friendship. The bond which allies, comforts, inspires. The story about true love, friendship, and sensation, as vital as Jacob Colinn bracelets. Meant to be shared with the loved one. With the true friend who is trying to hear.


The idea to craft the bracelets came from inspiration to tell those stories. From a will to share the symbol of the invaluable bond. A sign that shows – precious and endless stories which contain essential moments can fit on an arm.

Unique stories, because we engrave bracelets with your own texts and symbols. So you can perpetuate everything you want to say.

Lasting stories, because we craft bracelets with the highest quality materials. So you can turn your friendship into the never-ending adventure.  


Bonding stories, because we make bracelets seeking to couple two separate hearts. So you can wear it to show this precious relationship.  

The symbol of the true friendship, easy to be noticed from the Jacob Colinn bracelet. Unique, lasting and bonding story.

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